Grant Requests

All gift requests of the Bethesda Foundation will need to be supported by the following information that will be provided by the potential gift recipient. All gift requests must be submitted to the Bethesda Foundation by September 1st in order to be considered for funding

  • a description of the request
  • what are the benefits of this request
  • statistics
  • costs
  • priority

Please download the complete “gift request document to ensure your application can be processed with due diligence
download gift application guidelines (PDF 47 kb)

Grant Disbursements

The purpose of the Bethesda Foundation Inc. Grants Distribution Guidelines is to ensure that all applications for grants are consistent with the mission and values of the Bethesda Foundation Inc.

The Bethesda Foundation Inc. is a non-profit, charitable foundation that was established in 1980, in the City of Steinbach, Manitoba. The mission of the Bethesda Foundation is to enhance health in the Bethesda Service area through innovation, partnership and funding. The mission is accomplished in keeping with the Foundation’s fundamental founding values: Caring, Community Focused, Progressive, and Enduring.
download gift distribution guidelines (PDF, 53 kb)


to your generous gifts, the Bethesda Foundation has contributed and pledged more than 4 million dollars to support health care in the community.
Major projects include:

  • Cancer Care/Birthing Centre
  • Eden East
  • CT Scanner
  • Bethesda Emergency Room Upgrade
  • Menno Home
  • Haven Group
  • Staff Professional Development
  • Hospital Equipment
  • The Chaplaincy Program
  • Bethesda Primary Care Centre
  • Stonebridge Wellness Centre