Funds alone cannot sustain The Bethesda Foundation; we are driven by a wonderful group of generous volunteers that have been a critical part of our success. You too can lend a hand and leave a legacy in our ongoing efforts. To get involved, contact us at 1.204.326.6411 Ext. 2094.


Please consider making a special gift of $100, $500 or more. Foundation Donor walls are located at both the Bethesda Hospital and Bethesda Place, honoring those donating the following amounts:

Donor: $1,000
Sponsor: $5,000
Patron: $10,000
Pioneer: $25,000

donation methods

We would prefer you use our secure donation system. We understand not everyone can do this, so if you prefer to donate by phone, call 1.204.326.6411 Ext. 2094. Please have your credit card information ready.

Leave a Legacy

In addition to gifts of money there are a variety of ways in which you can support the Foundation including the following:

  • A gift in memory of a loved one. This can be in lieu of flowers at a memorial service or otherwise.
  • A gift designated to the Bethesda Foundation in your will. Some individuals designate a percentage of their assets to be given to a designated charity; others will name the charity as one of several individuals or organizations to receive equal shares of the estate.
  • A gift in kind, such as a property.
  • A gift of life insurance proceeds. A life insurance policy may be purchased designating a charitable organization such as the Foundation as a beneficiary. The proceeds of the policy will be paid to the charitable organization upon on the death of the policyholder.
  • A gift of stock, bonds or other securities. An RRSP / RIF may be taxable income to your estate. Why not consider an offsetting charitable donation.

If you have any questions about any of these, or would like assistance, please contact us at 1.204.326.6411 Ext. 2094.

"Some of the best times I had with the Foundation were serving sausage burgers to the kids at the SRSS, who were part of the Dragon Boat races, and hosting appreciation luncheons and barbecues for the hospital staff."

"Milton Penner,
Honorary Chair of the Bethesda Foundation"

Milton Penner

"Reflecting on the past and remembering the efforts of pioneers, not only in creating the roadmap, but also building the road, goes a long way in setting an example for future generations."