Bethesda Primary Care Centre

Completion: August 2017

The Bethesda Primary Care Centre held its grand opening in August 2017.  This state-of-the-art facility houses Steinbach Family Medical Clinic, a QuickCare Clinic, Community Health Services office, and a Pharmacy.

  • Steinbach Bethesda Emergency

Emergency Department expansion at Bethesda Regional Health Care Centre

Completion: September 2014

A facility designed to serve 10,000 people a year was serving more than 20,000 people a year.  This meant patients were often placed in hallways, or wherever a space could be found.  The new expansion provides a larger and more modern facility with more rooms, more beds, and more equipment.

Crisis Stabilization Unit

There was a real need for a crisis stabilization unit in our community, as the region had no designated psychiatric beds .  The CSU now meets the needs of people experiencing an emotional or life crisis.

Professional Development for hospital staff

Bethesda Foundation supports various professional development opportunities for staff at Bethesda Regional Health Care Centre.

Comfort Baskets for Palliative Care Program

Comfort baskets are provided for families of those in palliative care at the hospital.  The baskets include snacks, comfort items, pastime activities, and some personal care products.  It helps those keeping vigil with a loved one through a difficult time.

Chaplaincy Services at Bethesda Regional Health Care Centre

Partnering with the local churches, Bethesda Foundation supports chaplaincy services at the hospital and Bethesda Place.  This service provides for the spiritual needs of those who are hospitalized.

Bethesda Regional Cancer Care & Obstetrics Centre

Completion: December 2007

The magnitude of this project was huge.  Cancer patients no longer need to spend hours in a cramped, windowless basement receiving their treatments.  They now have a lovely space, with windows, which help to brighten their days, as well as a relaxing patio area overlooking the Healing Garden.

Harmonic Scalpel for Surgery Dept.

Completion: July 2006

A $50,000 harmonic scalpel became part of the Bethesda Foundation’s $100,000 gift to Bethesda Hospital for the purchase of surgery ad obstetrics equipment and staff training.

CT scanner for Bethesda Hospital

Completion: March 2003

The $1.1 million CT scanner is unveiled at Bethesda Hospital.  Residents of south east Manitoba no longer have to travel to Winnipeg for this test.