New dining room furniture for Bethesda Place

Completion: May 2021

Bethesda Foundation recently contributed funds to improve safety, and freshen up the dining spaces at Bethesda Place.

New infection prevention and control measures came into effect, resulting in the need for new dining room furniture at Bethesda Place.  All surfaces of all tables and chairs are now completely wipeable, and easily sanitized.  They are also ergonomically friendly for both residents and staff.  The cloverleaf-designed tables help to meet the Covid 6 feet/2 metre social distancing resident requirements.  The tables adjust up and down, and outwards, which increases function for those that may be in a wheelchair at different heights.  The variety of chair styles and sizes provides versatility for those that may require bariatric seating, or may need a chair on casters for easy and safe gliding.

RestHaven Nursing Home Expansion

The Province of Manitoba recently announced that Steinbach would be getting 83 additional personal care home beds through a significant expansion at Rest Haven Nursing Home.  The 60 bed facility will more than double to a total of 143 beds.  These additional beds are urgently needed as the wait list for placement is long, and all too often our seniors are having to move far away from family and friends when they need personal care home support.

Bethesda Foundation has pledged to raise the $5.3 million to fulfill the community contribution needed to move this project forward.

Bethesda Foundation Healing Garden

Completion: August 2018

Natural beauty has always inspired restfulness and healing.  Long ago this community acknowledged that green spaces contribute to physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  Since the hospital’s name came from a reference to the healing pools of Bethesda, it seemed appropriate that a water fountain should be a central feature of the park beside their hospital.  A fountain was built in 1967, as a monument celebrating Canada’s 100th birthday.  A sundial, surrounded by plaques honoring the founding pioneers, was added in 1974 as a contribution from Bethesda Hospital to Steinbach’s centennial celebration.

Appreciating the foresight of past generations, the Bethesda Foundation had a vision of refurbishing this special space.   Thank you to the generous donors who made available the necessary financial resources for this project to be completed in the summer of 2018.  May all who enter this space find peace of body, mind and soul.

Lead Donor – Milton Penner             Supporting Donor – HyLife

Stonebridge Wellness Centre

Completion: November 2017

Stonebridge Wellness Centre, located across the street from the Bethesda Primary Care Centre consists of 16,500 sq. ft. of leasable space. This facility complements the Bethesda Primary Care Centre and offers various healthcare-related services for our community.

Bethesda Primary Care Centre

Completion: August 2017

The Bethesda Primary Care Centre held its grand opening in August 2017.  This state-of-the-art facility houses Steinbach Family Medical Clinic, a QuickCare Clinic, Community Health Services offices, and a pharmacy.

  • Steinbach Bethesda Emergency

Emergency Department expansion at Bethesda Regional Health Care Centre

Completion: September 2014

Previously designed to serve 10,000 people a year, the ER was serving more than 20,000 people a year.  This new expansion at the Bethesda Regional Health Centre provides a larger and up-to-date facility with more rooms, more beds, and more equipment.

Crisis Stabilization Unit

Completion: February 2012

Prior to 2012 the region had no designated psychiatric beds, thus the need for a crisis stabilization unit in our community was great. The CSU now meets the needs of people experiencing an emotional or life crisis.

Professional Development for hospital staff

Bethesda Foundation supports various professional development opportunities for staff at Bethesda Regional Health Care Centre.

Comfort Baskets for Palliative Care Program

Comfort baskets are provided for families of those in palliative care at the hospital.  The baskets include snacks, comfort items, pastime activities, and some personal care products.  It helps those keeping vigil with a loved one through a difficult time.

Chaplaincy Services at Bethesda Regional Health Care Centre

Partnering with the local churches, Bethesda Foundation supports chaplaincy services at the hospital and Bethesda Place.  Chaplain Lydia S. Summerville-Dueck provides for the spiritual needs of those who are hospitalized.