Join the 2022 Gifts of Light!

November 1, 2022

The season has arrived where you can again give Gifts of Light to those who are spending time in the hospital over the holidays, and for those visiting them.  Having the hospital grounds lit up with thousands of colorful lights sends a wonderful message of hope and healing during the holidays.  The Little Red Trees are also back again, as a gift of beauty for our community during this festive season.

Sponsor a tree in memory of a loved one, or sponsor in the name of your children, your grandchildren or your family’s name.  This year we’re recognizing all the healthcare staff in our region.  From kitchen staff to cleaning personnel, doctors and nurses to admin — they take care of our community during a time in our lives when we feel most vulnerable.  Let’s celebrate them this year!  Consider sponsoring a tree in honour of someone you know who works in health care, or sponsor a tree with a message of hope for ALL healthcare workers.

Your donation will contribute to future projects that will continue to improve healthcare in our region.  Without substantial community contributions, these improvements would not come to fruition.

As a sponsor you will receive the following:

  • Your name (or your loved one’s name, or a general message of hope) placed on a sign beside your tree. Larger sponsors will receive larger signs.
  • Your name included on the list of Gifts of Light Sponsors on the Foundation’s website
  • A charitable donation receipt issued for the entire amount of your contribution to The Bethesda Foundation.

We invite you and the rest of the community to join us as we light up the hospital grounds on Sunday, December 4, from 4-6pm.  There will be food and activities for the whole family and everyone is welcome.

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Join the 2022 Gifts of Light!Join the 2022 Gifts of Light!

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