What You Can Do

Volunteers & Sponsors

The Bethesda Foundation requires volunteers to assist in the planning and organizing of both the Bethesda Drive for Excellence Golf Tournament and the Gifts of Lights. You may also consider serving as a sponsor for these events.

Donor Recognition

The Foundation Donor walls are located at both the Bethesda Hospital and Bethesda Place.

  • Donor: $1,000
  • Sponsor: $5,000
  • Patron: $10,000
  • Pioneer: $25,000

Our work is made possible through the ongoing efforts of our dedicated volunteers and the generosity of our many loyal donors. The value of your contribution is clear. Please consider making a special gift of $100, $500 or more.

Leaving a Legacy

In addition to gifts of money there are a variety of ways in which you can support the Foundation including the following:

  • A gift designated to the Bethesda Foundation in your will. Some individuals designate a percentage of their remaining assets to be given to a designated charity; others will name the charity as one of several individuals or organizations to receive equal shares of the estate.
  • A gift in kind, such as a home or land.
  • A gift of life insurance proceeds. A life insurance policy may be purchased designating a charitable organization such as the Foundation as a beneficiary. The proceeds of the policy will be paid to the charitable organization upon on the death of the policyholder.
  • A gift of stock, bonds or other securities. An RRSP / RIF may be taxable income to your estate. Why not consider an offsetting charitable donation.
  • A gift in kind. Any valuable asset such as artwork, a house, cottage, jewelry, land, etc.

The Foundation would be pleased to assist you in finding an independent legal, accounting or financial advisor to discuss your plans with. Your advisor will assist you in drafting a “gift Letter” that will outline in specific details your gift intention for the Foundation. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a gift option, please contact John Peters at 204.392.4122.


to your generous gifts, the Bethesda Foundation has contributed and pledged more than 4 million dollars to support health care in the community.
Major projects include:

  • Cancer Care/Birthing Centre
  • Eden East
  • CT Scanner
  • Bethesda Emergency Room Upgrade
  • Menno Home
  • Haven Group
  • Staff Professional Development
  • Hospital Equipment
  • The Chaplaincy Program
  • Bethesda Primary Care Centre
  • Stonebridge Wellness Centre